Tuesday, 14 July 2015

HST can be taxing :P

For a Canadian... HST stands for yet another way the government gets paid by us... the Harmonized Sales Tax.

For a Quilter... HST stands for Half Square Triangle.

Of course a Canadian Quilter, while paying the HST on fabric and sewing gadgets of all kinds, much prefers to deal with a hst!

I am in the process of creating a modern sampler and it contains a good amount of hsts, more perhaps than I realized when drafting it on paper.  Regardless, it has afforded me the opportunity to practice, and practice my hst skills, which to be honest are not the greatest.

The following is a photo tutorial on how to make an hst... old school :) There are several ways to make an hst, by no means is this the only one... it is however the method that allows me to have the best chance at making a "perfect" hst.

Here goes...

Not Your Gramma's Sampler Layout

In this case I need 3 1/2" hst... so I cut the fabric at 4" square,
I always cut the fabric squares 1/2" larger,
so for a 2 1/2" hst, cut 3" squares, etc... I think you get the idea

draw a diagonal line... I can never have too many pencils

If you are feeling anxious,
 draw the sewing lines 1/4" on each side of the cutting line

sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the line...
I chain piece (therefore I am)

now cut them apart...

and take your pile to the iron to press...
I press the seam to one side 

using a ruler with a 45 degree line...
line up two sides of the hst at 3 1/2" (in this case)
and trim the offending sides

then you can trim the ear off too...
I will resist a reference to Van Gogh

some hsts are fussier to trim than others...
in this case trim all sides a smidgen to get your hst

Like so... like sew... and you have made a lovely hst

when sewing hsts together, I press the seam open...
first with my fingers and then with the iron

and press from the top too

where two hsts meet... proceed with caution,
that is if you want them to line up...
I am good with close enough

I am a proud pinner...
even though it is no guarantee that things will line up...
and these Clover pins while pricey are my favourite
and worth every cent, even the hst

many hsts here... take time to make sure they all get along

and one block done !

not a bad way to spend a rainy day :)

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  1. jennie doan has an awesome method. sew two large squares right sides together around the perimeter. slice twice diagonally corner to corner. voila!! 4 hst's!!