Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Not Your Gramma's Sampler !

Until recently I laboured under the misconception that a quilt sampler was old hat, old lady, (no offence meant, I am on my way there as we speak... we all are!) and old news... however I was mistaken. The love of samplers has not diminished!  I should have known better, I love anything old school too :P

Modern designs for samplers are everywhere, you need only peruse Google images or Pinterest.  They are as varied as the artists who make them and what I thought had been done to pieces... has life in it yet!

So... being a compulsive individual and having a persistent problem with following other people's instructions, I decided to draft my own.

This is my version... laid out with scrapbook paper first.

Then later sketched and coloured with pencil crayons.

I am working on stage 3, the hands down best, making it in fabric :)

Here is how the feather worked up...

Soon to be both a pattern and a class!  Stay tuned for more :)

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